“I’m an artist, the track is my canvas, and the car is my brush”

Australian Formula 2

CAMS introduced two small capacity racing car championships in 1964 - Formula 2, and 1.5 Litre Championship. The Formula 2 championship did not take place from 1966-1968. Thanks to Rob Bartholomaeus for this information.

1988 Rohan Onslow (NSW), Cheetah Mk8 Golf
1987 Arthur Abrahams (Vic), Cheetah Mk8 Golf
1986 Jonathon Crooke (Vic), Cheetah Mk8 Golf
1985 Peter Glover (Vic), Cheetah Mk8 Golf
1984 Peter Glover (Vic), Cheetah Mk7 Golf
1983 Ian Richards (Richards Golf)
1982 Lucio Cesario (Vic), Ralt RT1 Ford (?)
1981 John Smith (NSW), Ralt RT1 Ford
1980 Richard Davison (Vic), Hardman JH1 Ford
1979 Brian Shead (Vic), Cheetah Mk6 Toyota
1978 Not Contested
1977 Peter Larner (Vic), Elfin 700 Ford [Sandown, Victoria]
1976 Graham Crawford (Vic), Birrana 273 Ford
1975 Geoff Brabham (NSW), Birrana 274 Ford
1974 Leo Geohegan (NSW), Birrana 274 Ford
1973 Leo Geohegan (NSW), Birrana 273 Ford
1972 Larry Perkins (Vic), Elfin 600B Ford
1971 Henk Woelders (Vic), Elfin 600E Waggot
1970 Max Stewert (NSW), Mildren Waggott [Lakeside, Queensland]
1969 Max Stewert (NSW), Mildren Waggott [Warwick Farm, NSW]
1965 G Cusack (ACT), Brabham Ford (Warwick Farm)
1964 G Cusack (ACT), Elfin Ford (Lowood) 

* Tied Championship

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